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Health and Welfare of All Cats
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For Cat Lovers
Did you know that over 200 million felines worldwide live with a cat-loving companion? In fact, they're considered the number one pet in the world. Winn Feline Foundation aids research directed toward the health and well being of our feline friends. Besides feline-research advocacy, we aim to educate the public and raise awareness about cat health issues through various media outlets. Your support is what makes our work possible, and we thank you.
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For Veterinarians
Winn Feline Foundation has been instrumental in contributing to the advances in feline medicine. Veterinarians have benefited from Winn-funded research involving a breadth of feline medical issues, including vaccine development, diagnostic test improvement and treatment efficacy evaluation. Winn also provides continuing education (CE) opportunities for veterinarians through our annual symposium and sponsorship of CE tracks at various conferences.
For Researchers
Winn Feline Foundation supports researchers, veterinarians and students in our mutual endeavor to promote and advance scientifically based feline medicine. By the beginning of 2018, Winn will have awarded over $6 million in grants focusing on the health needs of cats since its inception in 1968. Every dollar goes directly toward research support for general health studies, specific research areas or breed-related health studies.
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