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1400 Tanyard Rd.
Sewell, NJ 08080

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Wilmington University, Gloucester County staff want to provide you all of the support you need to be successful—register for classes, meet with an advisor, get assistance with billing and payment information and more all onsite.

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Pursue your degree close to home.

Rowan College at Gloucester County (RCGC) and Wilmington University work together to bring innovative degree programs to South Jersey residents. Now you can take select courses toward your bachelor's degree at a familiar location–your campus.

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Bachelor's Programs Master's Programs

On-Site Services

You have access to a full slate of student services at Wilmington University, Gloucester County. Meet with an advisor to talk about your academic and career goals, have your transcripts evaluated, and register for classes right on site. Email the Wilmington University on-site staff,, or call 856-464-5231

Don't Have an Associate Degree?

RCGC offers a variety of associate degree programs that can be transferred directly into a Wilmington University bachelor's degree program. Learn more.

Course Schedule

See which courses will be offered at Wilmington University, Rowan College at Gloucester County for the current or upcoming semesters.

Why WilmU?

 Transfer up to 90 Credits

Whether you've taken a few classes or you already hold an associate degree, Wilmington University makes the transfer process seamless, and works with you to maximize your transfer credits.

   Transfer Admission

Boutique West Nine Nine promotion Heels promotion Boutique   Personalized Education

Discover the many ways WilmU fits your life, with flexible schedules, convenient locations, and online options.

   Learn more about WilmU

  Affordable Tuition

You shouldn't have to break the bank to earn your degree and work toward a bright future.

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  Request Information